Samsung’s First Smart Ring ‘Galaxy Ring’ in Development, Market Debut Expected in Early 2025

Samsung may soon start the production of its first smart ring. According to The Elec, Samsung is working on its new smart wearable device, which might be named “Galaxy Ring.” If we believe this news, we could see a smart ring from Samsung in the market by the end of next year or early 2025.

Notable Points:

  • Samsung’s first smart ring could be called “Galaxy Ring.”
  • The production of Samsung’s smart ring may begin in August.
  • Obtaining medical device certification for the smart ring may take several months for Samsung.
  • The smart ring might be released around the announcement of the Galaxy S24 series, which seems challenging for now.
Image Credit: aabo

Samsung is already in the early stages of developing its smart ring, and they might make a decision to begin mass production of the wearable by August. Even if that happens, it could still take several months for Samsung to bring this device to the market due to the time-consuming medical device certification process.

Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series is available in the market, offering several good health-related features. Recently, the Galaxy Watch6 series was introduced and will be available for sale from 11th August.

To make their smart ring successful in the market, Samsung will need to offer unique features that differentiate it from already available devices. The form factor of the Galaxy Ring will play a major role, as a ring worn on the finger can potentially offer greater accuracy compared to a smartwatch.

Now, let’s wait and see when Samsung launches its smart ring and what features it will provide. In the meantime, you can also explore the Galaxy Watch6 series, as pre-orders are already open.

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