Samsung Rumored to Develop Massive 440MP Camera Sensor and More for Future Devices

Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung is known for its camera sensors, and in the past, we have seen some excellent camera sensors from Samsung, such as the 200MP sensor introduced with the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. Now, it’s rumored that Samsung is working on a massive 440MP camera sensor.

Notable Points:

  • Samsung is working on four new camera sensors.
  • Among these sensors, the largest one will be the 440MP HU1 sensor.
  • In the near future, we might see these sensors integrated into Samsung smartphones.

Speculations suggest that Samsung is working on not just one but four camera sensors: a 50MP ISOCELL GN6 sensor with 1.6-micron pixels, a 200MP HP7 sensor with 0.7-micron pixels, an unnamed 330MP sensor, and the massive 440MP HU1 sensor. Tech leaker Revegnus has shared this information on X (formerly Twitter).

  • 50MP ISOCELL GN6 Sensor: The 50MP ISOCELL GN6 sensor might not be used in Samsung smartphones but could find its way into devices manufactured by Chinese companies. This sensor is Samsung’s first 1-inch camera sensor and will compete with Sony’s 1-inch IMX989 sensor.
  • 200MP HP7 Sensor: The 200MP HP2 sensor used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is already an impressive camera sensor. The HP7 sensor, on the other hand, has larger pixels, which should result in slightly better image quality compared to the HP2 sensor. However, its production cost is relatively high, so it’s likely that it won’t be used in Samsung phones.
  • 320MP Sensor: The 320MP sensor might be seen in future Samsung smartphones. There’s speculation that it could be used in the Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra. It’s worth noting that MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 chipset supports 320MP cameras, increasing the chances of seeing this sensor in a phone.
  • 440MP HU1 Sensor: The 440MP HU1 sensor is less likely to be used in smartphones. Instead, it may find applications in the automotive and industrial sectors. Samsung had previously expressed its intent to develop a camera with a resolution equivalent to the human eye (500MP to 600MP), and this sensor seems to align with that vision.

It’s important to remember that these sensors are currently just rumors, so it’s not confirmed that they will make their way into Samsung devices. However, it would be exciting to see smartphones with such high-resolution cameras in the future.

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