Flipkart Introduces ‘Flipkart Plus Premium’ Membership for Exclusive Benefits

Flipkart has upgraded its ‘Flipkart Plus’ program, providing you with several additional benefits. On August 14th, Flipkart introduced a new membership called ‘Flipkart Plus Premium’ by upgrading its existing ‘Flipkart Plus’ membership. Let’s explore the benefits that customers of this upgraded version will receive.

Notable points:

  • Flipkart Plus was initially introduced in 2018.
  • On August 14th, Flipkart launched Flipkart Plus Premium.
  • With Flipkart Plus Premium, you have the opportunity to earn more SuperCoins compared to Flipkart Plus.
  • Customers with this upgraded loyalty program will have access to hourly and daily deals.

‘Flipkart Plus Premium’ Details:

To enjoy the benefits of Flipkart Plus Premium membership, you need to make transactions on Flipkart eight times a year. For Flipkart Plus, you only needed to make four transactions. The premium version offers many more benefits compared to Flipkart Plus. Once you complete eight transactions in a year, your Flipkart Plus Premium membership will be automatically activated.

With Flipkart Plus Premium membership, you can earn 4% SuperCoins up to 300 per purchase. In contrast, Flipkart Plus offered only 2% SuperCoins. These SuperCoins can also be redeemed on platforms like Myntra, Cleartrip, Shopsy, and Flipkart HealthPlus. Premium membership also provides you with exclusive hourly and daily deals that regular Plus members do not receive. This membership is provided to you for free, and you don’t need to pay any money for it.

It’s worth noting that apart from Flipkart, Amazon also offers a Prime membership, which is not free. However, Amazon’s membership includes features like Prime Video and Prime Music, which are not available on Flipkart. Overall, Flipkart Plus Premium offers significantly more benefits compared to Plus membership and is free when compared to Amazon. By making four purchases in a year, you can become a Flipkart Plus member, and by making eight purchases, you can become a Plus Premium member.

Flipkart also mentions that over 40% of transactions are carried out by their Flipkart Plus members, and features like early access during sales are available to Plus members. Now, obviously, Plus Premium membership customers will also have access to these features.

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